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What's a B.S.R.G. ?

BSRG stands for Big Shanty Repeater Group. Located in Metro Atlanta, GA, we have operated an extensive Amateur Radio repeater network for over 25 years. We cover a very wide area due to our mountaintop locations and our multiple remote voting receivers,

Latest Site News...
BSRG leads with 4 digital (DMR) voice repeaters.

In December 2017 we put 444.775 on the air from our very own site on Sweat Mountain.
Shortly afterwards we added the super wide area coverage 444.05 machine on Pine Log mountain.
Then we added our 444.775 Auburn Alabama machine.
Most recently we put North Georgia's only 2 Meter DMR repeater on 146.73 at our Sweat Mountain site.

We have a new DMR repeater coming soon to downtown Atlanta.

All of our DMR repeaters are part of the Brandmeister network. Please stay tuned as we begin to provide more DMR information for our users.

For a pretty good general DMR overvi you might want to look at this presentation

For the latest information and programming data for using our repeaters, please see this PDF.

Our DMR Facebook Group

Our DMR Facebook PAGE

We appreciate all of you who listened to our Space Shuttle broadcasts on our repeaters and watched on the BSRG Amateur Television repeater.


We are a Group, not a Club. Therefore we can be very quick on our feet when we want to be and have always been known for technical progress, guided by our members.

We have a rich history:

We had the FIRST Brandmeister DMR repeater in Atlanta.

We had the FIRST 2 Meter DMR repeater north of Valdosta.

We had the FIRST dedicated RF linked repeaters in Georgia. Way back then, the 146.655 repeater in Marietta and the 147.135 N4BZJ repeater in Dalton were linked over a dedicated UHF frequency. Many other systems imitated us later on using remote bases on the other repeater's input frequency. However that just caused interference to other distant repeaters and gave linking a bad name.

We had the FIRST IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) repeater in the entire Southeast. We were linked by duplex paths via Internet to hundreds of other systems Worldwide.

We had the FIRST 900 MHz Ham repeater in Georgia. As a matter of fact N4NEQ and N4YCI wrote the new SERA 900 MHz band plan that enabled reuse of cheap Motorola radios. This started a flurry of other 900 activity all over the Southeast.

From 1990 to 2012, the BSRG retransmitted all NASA Space Shuttle mission audio non-stop throughout each mission. Our Shuttle audio transmissions (as well as the video feed the Big Shanty TV Repeater provided) were a memorial to Tim Mallory. AI4B. Tim and Ralph (N4NEQ) had an idea years ago to provide this service to the Amateur community. We proudly presented it as a tribute to Tim and his love of radio!

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