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We launch 'em, we find 'em,
You launch 'em, we find 'em. Take your pick

Atlanta Balloonatics like to launch LARGE helium filled weather balloons to the edge of space with TV and Radio transmitters aboard.

Pictures from the recovery of WB8ELK-11 high altitude record attempt balloon on December 5th 2004

Pictures from our recovery of NASA's November 2000 Leonids Meteor Observation Balloon.

APRS balloon track plots , as well as an aerial photo and topographical map of the recovery area.

APRS log file of the above data. Load this into your APRS program

Radio Direction Finding Links Here are some of the tools we use to chase the balloons.

Pictures from our recovery of NASA's November 1999 Leonids Meteor Observation Balloon.

Documentation from preparations for the August 5th 1995 balloon mission

Photos from the August 5, 1995 Balloon Mission

Some of our balloons send Morse-Code telemetry on 28.322 MHz and 146.565 MHz. You can decode this telemetry and interpret it from the graphs shown below.

Altitude Telemetry Decoding Chart (0-120,000 ft)
Altitude Telemetry Decoding Chart (80-120,000 ft)
Temperature Telemetry Decoding Chart (0-120,000 ft)

A MAJOR LOSS TO HAM RADIO ATV: Loyce (Kip) Turner ( W4KIP) passed away on December 17, 2003. Kip had brain surgery in September and passed away due to complications from that. Kip was an inventor, an engineer and a close friend to all ATVers. Kip was the inventor of the "Hawg Fence" antenna that allowed newcomers to have a reasonably high gain for less than 5 dollars.

Kip's funeral was on: Sunday December 21, 2003


The Balloonists Balloonist: Bill Brown (WB8ELK)'s Page

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