Information very important if you are operating on DSTAR, Icom's digital radio system. Icom Logo

In Atlanta, we have two coordinated Amateur Television repeaters that have been operating for many years.

They both have FM inputs in the 1.2 GHz band. Of special note to DSTAR users is the repeater on Sweat Mountain. This repeater is usable for up to 100 miles with power as low as 1 Watt. The input is FM and it exhibits the same "capture effect" as you are used to on FM voice repeaters. Its input is 1255 MHz (1.255 GHz)

What this means to DSTAR users is that our repeater input spans 6 MHz above and below 1255 MHz! DSTAR repeater or simplex digital operations will interfere with our repeater input. Please do not conduct DSTAR operations in this 12 MHz coordinated segment for our repeater input!

Your cooperation is appreciated!!
If you need more information about our group: or contact SERA.