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This is now an archive page, as there are currently no ATV repeaters running in the Atlanta area.

Updated 1/1/22

We are the Atlanta chapter of the Amateur Television Network. ATN Logo

How would you have received our ATV repeater's transmissions? Look here!

Here's an antenna you can build that will do the job. "W4KIP's famous Hawg Fence" See the construction instructions below.

The Atlanta area ATV systems

Complete with computer calculated coverage diagrams!

The N4NEQ Atlanta ATV Repeater located in NorthEast Cobb County

The W4ZTL ATV Repeater located in Downtown Atlanta

Photos and other stuff

IMAGEWe all need one of these in our neighborhod!

Mugshots of some past, present, and SK local ATV users. "Mug Shots"

See pictures of some local Atlanta ATV users

Atlanta is the home of the "Hawg Fence" $3.00 11 db gain ATV antenna designed by "Kip", W4KIP.

Here are the step-by-step destructions...ah... er... "instructions" for making a Hog Fence Antenna

Atlanta is also the home of the "Hawg amp","an inexpensive 13 db gain 420-440 MHz preamp for ATV use. This Preamp has a power injector for remote mounting and can be constructed from a kit for $30.00. Hawg Amp Instructions

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SOME OF OUR OLD NEWS ITEMS News- 12/17/03 A LOSS TO HAM RADIO ATV: Loyce (Kip) Turner (W4KIP) passed away on December 17, 2003. Kip had brain surgery in September and passed away due to complications from that. Kip was an inventor, an engineer and a close friend to all ATVers. Kip was the inventor of the "Hawg Fence" antenna that allowed newcomers to have a reasonably high gain for less than 5 dollars.

News- 11/16/02 Another great work party was held. We got the combiners installed, and we are now back on the top high-gain antenna fed through our 2 1/4" feedline. Hopefully at our next work party we will strip off all the old crummy aluminum CATV hard line that we've been trying to get rid of for years. W4KIP has benchmarked the new installation over what we had, and documented a 4 dB increase in strength! Thanks Lin, Tommy, and everyone else. All that's left to do is route 147.345 through the combiners and connect its new antenna. We hope the weather holds, but it looks doubtful.

News- 11/2/02 Thank you Tommy KD4DKW !!! Tommy purchased and donated a new Diamond 718L vertical for the ATV repeater. We originally had one of these, but it was damaged by wind or lightning and we have been operating for several years on a homemade antenna a former group member made. It worked horribly, and now we'll be able to regain our original signal strength.

News- 9/8/02 A great work party was held. Lin (N4YCI) began preliminary work installing the combiner we plan to use to get rid of crummy feedlines. We'll be using our 2 1/4" hardline for the 900 Mhz antenna as well as the ATV Transmit and 147.345 repeater.

News- 8/24/02 The NASA video link has been completely redone. It is still downlinked via satellite, but we have eliminated one radio hop, thereby increasing the picture quality.