IRLP Atlanta, GA USA Node


 IRLP Node in service

Big Shanty Repeater Group

Location: Blackjack Mountain.
Marietta-Atlanta Georgia area.
Frequency: 146.775 (-600) MHz Repeater

Technical Details:

Computer:    Hewlett Packard Vectra Intel Pentium 75, 32 Megabytes RAM, 850 Meg HD, 10-BaseT ADSL Connection, SB 16, Red Hat 5.2 Linux OS

RF Equipment: Yaesu commercial link radio with 7 element yagi from Internet site pointed at a matching setup at the repeater location. Repeater is a GE Mastr II outputting abput 70 watts. Antenna is a Super Stationmaster at 250 ft on the tower. Repeater has a Link-Comm RLC-2 controller, with the link fed in on its own port.  The Internet Link equipment is located off site at a BSRG member's home, and paid for by that member.

Miscellaneous: We own our own main site, tower, and building. We have been retransmitting Space Shuttle Audio for over 10 years and also host the C Band dish for the NASA video feed provided to the Atlanta ATV Repeater, which N4NEQ originally constructed.

Here is another picture of our IRLP node repeater.

Last Update June 22, 2001