Big Shanty Repeater Group

Big Shanty Repeater Group

Last update: 3/09
"Promoting Technical Progress in Amateur Radio"

Our repeaters are open to all Hams but please note that a PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required on most BSRG repeaters

Meet the Big Shanty Repeater Group, the most progressive and innovative repeater group around! Our many repeaters are open for use by all Amateurs. Group membership is not required, although we certainly encourage and appreciate it!


146.655- The two meter repeater on 146.655 is the flagship repeater of our system, offering a powerful computerized controller, full time Link to 224.12, digital voice recorder, voice mailboxes and multiple receivers. It includes remotely controllable links allowing operation on 10, 6 and 2 meters, as well as 220 and 440 mhz. The repeater is located on Sweat Mountain between Roswell, Woodstock and Marietta. We also have remote, voting receivers located in the Metro area. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 146.655

147.345+ This repeater has most of the same features as 146.655, minus the voting receivers and remote bases. It is also located on Sweat Mountain. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 147.345

146.775- This repeater is located on Blackjack Mountain in Marietta and covers the Metro area very reliably. This machine is a good choice for routine QSOs and is also node 4500 on the IRLP Intertie node for Metro Atlanta. The IRLP is a full-featured, interconnected repeater system covering over 1000 cities in Canada, The USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), the Caribbean, Australia and the Island of Dominica. The system may also be brought up from the remote locations as well. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 146.775 The link is normally addressable by private code (BSRG members are issued the codes), but you may find times when it is left on for your enjoyment. All Hams are welcome to use the link when its up, but please remember that Hams in the South are judged by their conduct on the repeater. We'd like to ask our visitors (and Members alike) to please respect the rights of others on the system and also to refrain from all sorts of CB type lingo.

147.165+ This repeater is located in Blue Ridge GA at 3200 ft elevation (North of Atlanta on I-575). All members and visitors are welcome to use the machine whenever they are in the area. This machine is also on the IRLP and is node 7320. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 147.165

220 MHZ
224.12 - This repeater is on Sweat Mountain and covers the Metro area and North Georgia well. It is linked full time to 146.345. The machine offers a Digital Voice Recorder, user for leaving messages for others. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 224.12

224.44 - This machine is normally linked full time to 146.655 and offers the same features. It is located at Sweat Mountain. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 224.44

443.800 + This repeater is co-located with (and can be linked to) 146.775 and offers the same features and coverage, including the IRLP intertie system. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 443.800

444.050 + This machine is on Sweat Mountain and a digital voice recorder for voice mailboxes. A PL tone of 151.4 Hz is required to access 444.05

Amateur Television Network's Georgia Affiliate: BSRG AMATEUR TELEVISION REPEATER

427.250 OUT / 1.255 GHz (FM) IN Amateur Television Repeater
BSRG originally built this repeater on Sweat Mountain It has a 1.2 GHz FM TV input, and is also linked via satellite to NASA's video and audio feed of Space Shuttle missions. A color Tower-Cam is also available. The repeater can be seen on many cable-ready TVs. If you are not a Ham, but enjoy our Shuttle audio and video, we could still use your support!


144.39 We sponsor the Atlanta area APRS digipeater. Located on Sweat Mountain, this digi reaches at least four states. With this digipeater, APRS users have coverage throughout most of the Atlanta Metro area. It responds to APRS aliases of "RELAY", "WIDE", "TRACE", and "GA" and is also widen-n compliant. Its call sign is N4NEQ-2.

144.39 We also sponsor the Western North Carolina APRS digipeater. Located at an elevation of 5,000 feet, North of Andrews, NC, this digi covers into Northern Alabama, SE Tennessee, Northern GA, and Western NC. It currently responds to APRS aliases of "RELAY", "WIDE", "TRACE", and "NC". It is also widen-n compliant. Its call sign is N4NEQ-3.

The priority system for our repeaters is as follows:

First: Emergencies
Second: Nets
Third: Normal QSOs


The repeaters have 3 minute timers and usually a courtesy beep that sounds after the timer has reset. This allows time for possible break-ins by others. Please wait for the beep before transmitting. If not, the repeater may time out. For busy periods the time-out may be shorter.


The IRLP is a multi-continent interconnected repeater system. Currently it covers over 1000 cities in countless Countries. New nodes are always being added. The links can be brought up from any participating repeater by any Group member having the proper access codes. All Group members are given the link on/off commands. Our 146.775, 444.775 and 147.165 repeaters are connected to this intertie network. For the current status of all nodes, see


We have Digital Voice Recorders on 146.655 and 147.345. These provide some of our announcements and IDs as well as voice mailboxes for our users. The DVR operating instructions as well as other user commands are all published on a card and in a manual for all members.


During most Shuttle missions, the BSRG provides local Hams a broadcast of the mission audio and video via a satellite feed directly to our repeater site. The audio is usually on the 146.6555 repeater (backup repeater is 147.345) and the video is on 427.250 MHz. This video is viewable on a "cable ready" TV set tuned to CABLE channel 58. An outside 427 Mhz beam antenna and preamplifier should be used unless you are located very close to Sweat Mountain. An alternate way to receive the signal is to use one of several commercially available preamplifier-converters, such as those from PC Electronics for approx. $50.

AUTOPATCH We no longer offer an autopatch function. Enjoy your cellular phone.

Any financial contributions to the Group are welcomed. Our "Membership Year" begins on January 1. Users joining later in the year pay a pro-rata share. A Family contribution may be made on behalf of all family members in 1 household. The amount of the suggested contribution is adjusted yearly so that it will continue to cover operating expenses. See the attached application form for the actual amounts. We especially welcome contributions from non-members and non-Hams who watch our TV signal or listen to the Space Shuttle audio. A special "Listener/Viewer" membership is available for a suggested contribution of $15.00 per year.


We have an occasional Saturday breakfast or lunch technical planning meeting, as well as occasional site work parties.


We arrange a 4 day trip to the Dayton Hamvention every year. A 15 year tradition with BSRG, we maintain a block of rooms and set up in two or three flea market spots. Info about our trip is on our BSRG web page


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