Leonids 2000

November 18, 2000 Balloon recovered in the Cohutta Wilderness Area on Fort Mountain in North GA

Photos Copyright(c)2000 by Ralph Fowler


DF Van



Here’s Darren AG4BF with the payload just after it was found. Unfortunately for us, it was again the first day of hunting season- 7:00 AM and many, many hunters were in the woods with rifles.










Geri, and Kari along with local hunter Randall, who were the 3 to first hear the audible beacon and see the strobe light







In the woods with the payload, we have part of our recovery team (L-R Darren AG4BF, Tom KD4DKW, Randall (local hunter), Kari and Geri (no calls))









Eddie (WD4JEM), David (KE4FGW), and Randall the local hunter. Note the Easter Peeps on the right hand top of the payload















Kari poses with Randall. The golden object is the RADAR reflector, required on all of our balloons for the FAA's tracking. The strobe light is just in front of the reflector. The black object with the curved top on the top left of the payload is the GPS receiver.




 More Peeps in space! The peeps from the 1999 flight liked the ride so well that they told their friends, who hitched a ride on this flight. We know nothing of the fate of the missing Peep (sly look)










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Text and some photos Copyright © 2000 Ralph Fowler, N4NEQ