Obtaining APRS Software

Updated 1/7/2023

Download APRS Files


I'm sorry but I no longer have the customized DOS APRS files for the Southeast. They were list in many server migrations

Obtaining APRS Software

Download the latest version here (but look just above here for a customized plug 'n' play local versions and for help in getting started)

Your FTP client should open and if prompted, use anonymous for the user name and a blank for the password

APRS-Plus. Works with DeLorme's Street Atlas 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.

The Original APRS for DOS
Look for a file named something like APRSxxx, where xxx is a number. Last known version was APRS848.ZIP

WinAPRS. Works with Windows 98, 95 and 3.1 and can use Precision Mapping 3. (but nothing later)
Look for a file named waprsxxx where xxx is a number. Get the highest number. Last known was waprs246.zip

APRS for the Apple Macintosh only.
I have no idea what file you need, but if you use a Mac, you should know ;-)

JavAPRS. Not for the faint hearted

Linux APRS files

You may just want to browse all of the TAPR APRSSIG files.


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