APRS Powerpoint Presentations

Updated 11/3/22

Powerpoint presentations

These short downloads contain a text file describing the presentation plus another ZIP file that is the actual presentation. Just Download, Unzip, and run in Powerpoint.

Olympic.zip (2MB) is an explanation (many photos) of how I provided APRS service at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. The Olympic Committee wanted to be able to track the remote cameras mounted aboard helicopters and motorcycles. With the help of APRS, it was easy. Because of APRS, when the cameras of 179 Countries cut to a mobile shot- they saw Athletes, not snow!

GeneralAPRS.zip (1.33 MB) is a general presentation aimed at beginners. It does well when shown at seminars, hamfests and club meetings. It explains APRS and its use- particularly at special events. Has screen shots from various APRS platforms and has lots of equipment photos as well. About 1/3 of the presentation is from the Olympic one (above) and really serves to hold the audience's interest.


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