The New Kenwood Dual Band APRS HT

The New Kenwood Dual Band APRS HT

As unveiled at the 1998 Digital Communications Conference

3 photos, so please be patient while they download

Talkie1 Here a picture of Steve, K4HG (left) and Ralph, N4NEQ taken at the Arby's in Kennesaw GA as Steve was headed home from the 1998 DCC

Talkie2 Even though Steve was tired and anxious to get back home to Florida to check on his hurricane damaged home, he still stopped to spend a few minutes.

Talkie3 On the face of the radio, you can see the little touch-pad joystick, sort of like the arrow keys on a Garmin GPS

Gas Of course, there are some other really good reasons to stop here in Kennesaw too. ;-)