The W4ZTL MATPARC (Metropolitan Atlanta Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club) ATV Repeater, also known as the "Downtown" repeater is located on top of the BellSouth Building in Downtown Atlanta. Ideally situated to cover the Central Atlanta area, this repeater has been used for several downtown public service events.

The repeater has been in operation for about four years and began life as an inband (434.0 MHz in and 421.250 MHz out) system. Over the last two years, much 1.2 GHz FM-ATV has been occuring in the Atlanta area. Users of the other local ATV repeater could not access MATPARC because the users had only 1.2 GHZ FM ATV equipment. This prompted the folks from ATN/Atlanta ATV to donate and install a 1.2 GHz FM ATV receiver at the MATPARC site. Kip Turner (W4KIP) designed and built a priority voting system for the two receivers and now FM ATV users can access both systems. Kip, along with Jim, W4QO, does an excellent job of maintaining this machine.

MATPARC-60 mile MATPARC-30 mile