Updated 3/09

Dedicated to the memory of Kip, W4KIP and Tim, AI4B The N4NEQ Atlanta ATV Repeater, also known as the Sweat Mountain or Big Shanty repeater is located on top of Sweat Mountain. The exact location is where Cobb, Fulton, and Cherokee Counties meet. We are the Atlanta chapter of the Amateur Television Network. ATN Logo

This repeater has a Microwave input on 1255 MHz (1.255 GHz) and the input is F.M. TV (like satellite TV). This means that out coordinated repeater input is 12 MEGAHERTZ WIDE. Please note this when planning to use the 1.2 GHz band. The output signal of the system falls on 427.25 Mhz and is a standard AM Analog TV signal as used by regular, home televisions.

As a matter of fact, any standard cable-ready TV or VCR can receive our signal when tuned to CATV channel 58! Be sure to select the CATV tuning mode. Our signal is vertically polarized, so you must use a vertical antenna. A preamplifier helps a lot. Coverage has been obtained to high locations up to 100 miles distant!

The repeater will retransmit a signal that appears on its input. If the NASA shuttle video is currently being shown, a local ATV signal on the repeater input will override NASA.

BSRG-60 mile BSRG-30 mile